The mission of People’s Action Institute is to advance a long-term agenda for racial, economic and gender justice by investing in powerful state and local organizations and campaigns that win real change in people’s lives.

We believe that power comes from organizing and action, and therefore we invest in scalable base-building and leadership development, digital organizing, direct action, nonpartisan civic engagement, independent grassroots fundraising and issue campaigns that move people on their values and self-interest.

People’s Action Institute’s long-term goal is to reverse the trajectory of growing economic inequality by building an economy that expands opportunity for low-income families, with an emphasis on racial and gender equity.

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  • People’s Action Celebrates Election’s Progressive Victories from Maine to Washington State November 8, 2017
      WASHINGTON – Grassroots organizers cheered the loud and clear message in Tuesday’s election results: voters are eager for progressive candidates with the bold ideas that People’s Action and its state organizations are proposing and supporting. Throughout the country, candidates fighting for health care for all, a $15 minimum wage, race and gender justice, ending […]
  • GOP Tax Cut Plan Is Really An “Attack on Health Care” November 2, 2017
    LeeAnn Hall, co-executive director of People’s Action, issued a statement sharply criticizing the Republican tax cut plan released November 2 by the House Ways and Means Committee. “Don’t be fooled: The Trump/GOP tax plan is one more attack on health care that puts working families, the elderly, poor and children at risk while padding the […]
  • Data Manager October 20, 2017
    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage in the Battle of Big Ideas and shift the narrative in America to achieve our vision of a new economy and just democracy, one that puts people and planet over profits and polluters. Our ambition is nothing less than creating a new people’s politics in […]
  • People’s Action Condemns Move To Repeal Clean Power Plan October 9, 2017
    People’s Action on Monday condemned the announcement by Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt that his agency will move to repeal the Clean Power Plan. The landmark regulation would have reduced carbon emissions from power plants by an estimated 35 percent and reflected the United States’ commitment to reduce global warming under the Paris climate […]
  • Grassroots Leaders Celebrate Saving Health Care for Millions — Again September 26, 2017
    Today, Republican leadership pulled the plug on the Graham-Cassidy health care repeal proposal, which would have stripped health care from millions, rolled back the Affordable Care Act’s pre-existing condition protections, and gutted Medicaid. LeeAnn Hall, co-director of People’s Action and member of the steering committee of Health Care for America Now, issued the following statement: […]

This latest report in the Job Gap Economic Prosperity Series details what a living wage would actually be for the 43 million Americans struggling to pay off college debt in addition to calculating living wage standards for workers nationwide and in 19 states.

“Caught in the Debt Trap” provides a snapshot of the effect payday and title loans have had on the lives of nine people. Their personal stories illustrate how lenders take advantage of people and how these loans can leave borrowers in a devastating cycle of poverty and debt that lasts for years.